API Pricing Plans

Details of API pricing plans and how to upgrade your account.

Any registered Matchbook customer can begin using the API immediately using their standard login credentials. However to increase usage limits beyond our standard tier, please upgrade your account to an API Plan by sending a request to [email protected].

API customers will be charged either the Trader Tier Fee or Commercial Tier Fee as set out below:

API Pricing

Each set of 1 million GET requests in a calendar month will be charged at 100 GBP (depending on account currency - if you have an account in a different currency then the rate will be converted from GBP at the prevailing market rate).

WRITE requests are not chargeable, assuming that they are made at reasonable frequency.

The API Fees (for API usage in the preceding calendar month) shall be payable at the end of each calendar month and shall be automatically deducted from the API Customer(s) MB Account.

If you require details of your API usage, please contact Customer Service at [email protected].

What’s Next

After you've upgraded your account you can begin using the Matchbook API without restriction. Please see the section on Getting Started for more details.