Frequently Asked Questions


What is an API?

The Matchbook Betting Platform API is a programmable interface to the exchange platform on Matchbook, making it possible for other systems and services to connect and integrate directly with the Matchbook Betting Platform API.

Typically, customers use the API to connect automatic trading bots to the exchange, but it is also used to connect to third party websites to deliver live pricing and other market event information.

Our own website and native mobile apps also use the Matchbook Betting Platform API. Please see the guide on Getting Started or the full API Reference documentation for more information.

Are there any restrictions in how the API can be used?

Yes. We aim to manage our service to optimise the experience for all API customers, irrespective of demand. We want to empower our customers to trade and bet on the exchange as frequently and as often as they wish. We also seek to ensure that usage of the API stays within reasonable boundaries in the mutual interest of all parties. Our goal is to provide customers with terms that are clear and transparent. With this in mind, we have a Fair Usage Policy which, in conjunction with our standard Terms and Conditions, govern how the API should be used. There is also API Documentation and an API Reference which describe how the API can and should be used.

Please visit our Fair Usage Policy for more details.

Can I start using the API as soon as I sign up?

Yes. Any registered Matchbook customer can begin using the API immediately using their standard login credentials. However to increase usage limits beyond our default tier, please upgrade your account to an API Customer account.

Are there any charges or fees to use the API?

Yes, but these will depend on how you use it. For details on API fees, please see Terms and Conditions.

What are the standard usage limits for customers who have not signed up to the Trader Plan?

We apply usage limits to all customers by default as soon as they register. This is part of our Fair Usage Policy and is in place to ensure fair and uninterrupted access to the system for all customers. The usage limits are organised into groups of requests. These are:

Account300 requests per minute
Events700 requests per minute
Security200 requests per minute
Navigation100 requests per minute
Reports40 requests per minute
Betting Write3000 requests per minute

In order to avoid being rate limited on the API, we strongly recommend that all customers upgrade their account to the Trader Plan prior to starting significant usage of the API.

How do I login via the API?

To login to the API, please see the Getting Started documentation and begin with the Login API call, documented in the API Reference.