Submit one or more offers i.e. your intention or willingness to have bets with other users.


Note: We stopped supporting binary mode for new offer submissions

Offer Statuses

openThe offer is available to be matched by other users.
cancelledThe offer has been cancelled by the user.
editedThe offer has been edited by the user but is still available to be matched by other users with the new values.
matchedThe offer has been fully matched by one or more other users.
flushedThe offer has been flushed by the system and is no longer available to be matched by other users.
failedOffer submission failed. The accompanying error message will give the failure reason.
delayedOffer submission was delayed due to in-play market. The offer will enter the market after the delay or it will fail. During the delay the offer is not available for matching.

Offers request body params

runner-idLongRunner unique identifier.
sideStringEither back, lay, win or lose.
oddsFloatOffer odds following the format specified with odds-type.
stakeFloatOffer stake.
keep-in-playBoolean(false)A boolean indicating whether the unmatched part of the offer will remain active when the event goes in play. The offer will be flushed in any other circumstance such as a horse being withdrawn from a race or a material event occurring in a soccer match.