Get a single specific unsettled offer.


Offer Edit

statusstringDescribes the current status of the offer edit.applied: Offer edit was applied.
delayed: Offer edit was delayed. It will be applied after the delay or it will fail.
failed: Offer edit failed.
failure-reasonstringIn case of edit failure during the delay, the reason of such failure is contained in the field.market_status: Offer edit failed due to market status. Market status different from OPEN.
runner_status: Offer edit failed due to runner status. Runner status different from OPEN.
offer_status: Offer edit failed due to offer status. Offer status different from OPEN or EDITED.
offer_odds_stake: Offer edit failed due to mismatch on odds/stake or no change on odds or stake.
delay_timeout: Offer edit failed due to timeout.
server_error: Offer submission failed due to server error.
delaynumberDelay that was/will be applied to the offer edit in seconds.