V2 offer endpoint released

V2 offer endpoint has been released find details here. https://insights.matchbook.com/live-delay-changes.
Difference between version 1 and version 2 is in InPlay delay and in new status delayed. We introduced a new REST API endpoint /v2/offers where if a submitted/edited placed through the endpoint won't match another offer currently in the market will not be subject to a live delay. This will mean that new prices will reach the market quicker and liquidity is available in play. Behaviour of offer placement through the original endpoint it is not changed.
In case of a delay applied to the offer being submitted, POST /edge/rest/v2/offers will return immediately and the offer returned will have a delayed status. The offer will remain in delayed status for the whole duration of the live delay. Once the delay elapses the offer will transition to one of the statuses already supported by the system (open or matched). Also for PUT /edge/rest/v2/offers response will be returned immediately after the offer modification is registered in the system without waiting for the live delay to elapse. However, the old offer remains in the system until such time as the delay has elapsed, after which the modification attempt will take place.