Change to GET Offers Response Data

From Tuesday 5th of February 2019 there will be a change to the data returned by the GET /edge/rest/v2/offers and /edge/rest/offers APIs.

Previously all offers submitted by a user were returned by the GET offers APIs regardless of the status of the offer, until the market was settled.

After the change offers that were unmatched with a status of CANCELED or FLUSHED will no longer be included in the response approximately 1 hour after they were canceled or flushed. An offer with status CANCELED is one that was canceled by the user. An offer with status FLUSHED is one that is canceled by the system for example when an event goes live.

This change will reduce the amount of data returned by the API. This will improve performance for Matchbook and the client by reducing the amount of data transferred across the network and by reducing the amount of data that needs to be consumed and filtered on the client side.